Controlling velocity in valves.

High velocities lead to noise, vibration, and erosion, which can quickly destroy the valve and damage the associated piping and measurement system. DRAG™ technology controls the velocity, mitigating damage from vibration and other velocity-related problems.

The science behind the silence.

Our DRAG technology relies on a specific number of right-angle turns to create a tortuous path for high-pressure gases. The tortuous flow path divides the pressure reduction into many smaller streams, achieving the necessary pressure reduction while maintaining a reduced fluid velocity—preventing noise, vibration, and leakage.

Half a century of innovation.

Since IMI CCI pioneered the first multi-stage control valve in 1967, we’ve continued to solve the toughest flow control problems in the industry. As the world leader in critical service control valves, only IMI CCI has the engineering expertise to design the optimal DRAG™ geometry to address velocity, vibration, and noise.

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