Is DRAG™ Technology new?

IMI CCI designed, built, and patented the world’s first multi-stage control valve in 1967 as DRAG™ technology. DRAG™ technology is installed in over 100,000 valves worldwide.

What is DRAG™ Technology?

DRAG™ technology is built from discrete passageways that direct flow through a torurous path. The path turns the flow through a series of right angle turns. Turning the flow reduces the pressure at each turn, which controls noise, velocity, and kinetic energy.

How can you fit a disk stack into my existing valve now, but you couldn’t before?

Additive manufacturing allows us to use the volumetric space much more efficiently. This allows us to provide a disk stack that is up to 40% smaller so that it can fit into an existing competitor valve body.

Can I use the same actuation?

Our focus is to re-use the actuator which is an integral part of our engineered solution.

What if there’s something wrong with the actuator after the kit is installed?

We are reviewing the actuator capabilities and designs as part of every trim upgrade during the proposal phase related to the applicable force and stroke. Should any actuator performance issues arise, we will certainly support the evaluation, recommendation, and resolution of such.

What documentation do I get?

Simple Bill of Material of the conversion kit. No detailed top assembly drawing will be provided.

What are the leads times for a Retrofit3D solution?

We provide very rapid lead times for our Retrofit3D solutions. Please check with our sales team for specific lead times.

How is the performance better over the existing trim I have?

DRAG® technology trim addresses the root cause of many control valves that simple, drill hole (cage) trims cannot. The DRAG® velocity control solution will be incorporated in the existing cage geometry. Furthermore, additive manufacturing methodologies can enhance the flow control accuracy and materials compared to the original trim material which can additionally prolong trim life.

How long will it take to install?

The valve size, application and type of conversion kit will determine the time to install and calibrate the kit. The overall installation is targeted to be in line with past regular maintenance cycles on the valve.

How large of parts can you make?

We have many different solutions available in wide size range. Please contact us for specific requests to evaluate the best design for you.

Do I have to give you parts to measure?

Existing parts can be sent to our factory, or we can come onsite to measure parts from inventory to ensure a drop-in replacement solution can be engineered and installed.

I don’t have parts in inventory for you to measure, can I still do the upgrade?

There are scenarios where no parts are required for measurements. Please contact us for more details.

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