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  • Is DRAG™ Technology new?

    IMI CCI designed, built, and patented the world's first multi-stage control valve in 1967 as DRAG™ technology. DRAG™ technology is installed in over 100,000 valves worldwide.

  • What is DRAG™ Technology?

    DRAG™ technology is built from discrete passageways that direct flow through a tortuous path. The path turns the flow through a series of right angle turns. Turning the flow reduces the pressure at each turn, which controls noise, velocity, and kinetic energy.

  • Do you have dBX Shield valve references?

    The dBX Shield was originally launched in 2003, with over 30 valves installed around the globe. Many still installed and providing major benefits. IMI re-launched the dBX Shield in 2019. References available upon request.

  • What is Additive Manufacturing?

    Additive manufacturing is the process in which three-dimensional objects are added one layer at a time and successive layers bond the previous layer. This allows us to create new and more complex designs that were not possible with traditional manufacturing methods.

  • What actuation is used?

    We prefer to offer IMI STI acuation, but the dBX Shield can be outfitted with customer preferred actuation.

  • Is additive manufacturing suitable to be used at my O&G facility?

    Yes, depending on the process requirements, additive manufactured parts may be used in an O&G facility. We have many additive manufactured parts already installed in several O&G facilities around the globe. Please contact us for a more detailed evaluation.

  • Why is the dBX Shield better than my current solution?

    With the IMI dBX Shield valve, the noise is treated at the source. This greatly minimizes vibration, velocity, and noise, which leads to safer pipeline. The dBX Shield is the preferred valve for pipeline operators, and the communities they serve.

  • What materials are available for additive manufacturing?

    Several types of materials are available for additive manufacturing. We will select the most appropriate and well-proven material for the specific application to increase reliability and performance of the valve installed.

  • How do you select the correct materials and tolerances?

    With our 12 years of additive manufacturing experience and our over 50 years of control valve expertise in the most severe service applications for many industries, material selection and tolerance design aspects are one of IMI CE’s core competencies.

  • Will IMI technicians be qualified and trained to service the valves?


  • Can you replace existing, installed valves?

    Yes. For existing, buried pipelines, the dBX Shield valve can be placed in an open vault that allows full access for maintenance, gas detection, and general visual inspection. This does not require any pipe modifications, which helps minimize costs. For above ground installations, the dBX shield does not require any additional noise attenuation, therefore reducing total cost of ownership.